LiST Charter

LiST – The Litigation Support Technology Group – is a unique London-based think tank with international reach. It was originally formed in 2003 by a group of litigation support specialists with the aim of encouraging and developing a uniformity of approach to the use of technology in litigation and in other forms of dispute resolution.

It is intended that the Group’s work will be endorsed by lawyers and judges and evolve into customarily accepted standards and processes, thereby minimising unnecessary disruption and delay, encouraging a collaborative approach to the use of technology in all forms of dispute resolution and achieving significant cost savings for clients.

Now, in 2015, the Group is being revived by a small number of original members and some much-needed new blood. It is expected that LiST will continue leading the profession in its adoption and understanding of relevant current and future technology whilst, at the same time, uniting other local and international groups with similar agendas.

The Group’s new threefold charter is based on its original aims and its current ambitions:


Thought leadership




Together, these form our new mantra: LiSTen!


For obvious reasons we intend to limit participation in the thought leadership arena to LiST members who satisfy certain key requirements. However, an important part of the “new” LiST is to throw open membership of the wider Group to all, irrespective of their experience, place of work, location or commitment.

Since its inception LiST has drafted and released various documents, many of which were influential in subsequent developments in the Civil Procedure Rules of England & Wales.

From around 2010 LiST went into slow decline as its exclusively volunteer membership found less time to devote to the Group’s ground-breaking activities. However, during its relatively short life LiST still benefited from favourable and positive comment from the global legal press and members of the judiciary.


Further information about LiST’s structure and programme will be released as it evolves, but its first aim is to return to the forefront of developments in the area of electronic disclosure and the use of technology in the civil justice process. In the meantime, those who are leading the charge are listed alphabetically below. Feel free to approach any of them with questions and/or offers of support. Alternatively, please send an email to

Some key reasons why you should consider joining LiST

Superb UK-based networking opportunities

Experienced contributors

Unique thought leadership opportunities


Organisational promotion

Personal promotion

International influencing/networking opportunities

Connection opportunities with similar international bodies

Educational opportunities


Direct input into relevant legal developments